Is Summertime the Only Time you Need to Worry About Lawn Care?


The final days of summer usually point to a lot of reasons why you might want to put your lawn mower into storage for the autumn or colder months ahead. In the midwest that is usually how things work. Make sure you aren’t in the biggest rush to put your equipment into storage for the winter though. There are quite a few reasons to do this, but here is the most prominent: Too frequently, residents get their lawn care equipment ready for winter time months in advance of the proper window. So what happens when people put their items away far too early? All the foliage continues to grow, and this can be a problem if the first frost doesn’t hit. It is quite common for this to happen until Halloween. The first frost stops most lawns from growing for a log time. This happens when the ground temperature reaches 32 degrees F. The water is simply not able to get absorbed by the roots because it is ice.

So, ensure that your lawn mower and fertilizers are still completely functional a little bit later into the colder month, if you plan on prepping your lawn mower for the coldest winter months. The odds are very high that you will require the equipment for further use. A good deal of people also neglect to take care of raking their lawn, and cutting the grass, but this is a bad idea as the leaves form a cover for the grass to rot under. Also the leaves themselves rot. This makes it very difficult to grow a lawn next summer. Also, it is even more difficult to mow the lawn the next spring putting you at a disadvantage. It is worth it to put extra wear and tear on your lawn mower to save your lawn in the future.

Finally, when you finally get ready for what the final mow of the fall, be sure to adjust your blade height to the lowest possible setting. Then you’ll see you’re cutting your grass just a bit higher than the ground. This gives you an extra advantage of a brand-new lawn in the spring, that is completely healthy. Also, this completely lets you rest assured that the lawn will not decay under a pile of leaves that is on top of your lawn. Instead of having a lot of new lawn care to take care of after the winter, you will only have to fertilize your lawn once, and water it. Then be ready to go through your once a week, or twice a week routine as usual.


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